Club Policies

Player Code of Conduct

  • I agree to play for NJ Crush FC and will attend practices, games, scrimmages and tournaments regularly and play to the best of my ability. Soccer is the primary sport throughout this term and should take priority.
  • I will respect my teammates, trainer, coach, opponents and referees at all times.
  • I will conduct myself with the utmost professionalism at all times and any events where I am representing NJ Crush FC. I will also abide by the uniform and practice dress code.
  • I will not boss or criticize any of my teammates. I will try to comfort my teammates when they are down, and congratulate them when appropriate.
  • I will respect all the facilities I play on and abide by the facility rules and regulations.
  • I understand that if I receive a yellow/red card for any reason, I will be responsible for the cost of any fine/suspension issued. 

Parents Code of Conduct

  • As the parent/s of a player on NJ Crush FC, I agree to support NJ Crush and their teams and will insure that my child/player abide by the players code of conduct.
  • Parents will refrain from any verbal abuse of players, coaches, referees, opponents and spectators during or after games. Parents must not interact on soccer chatrooms or blogs in any shape or form.
  • Parents will not interfere or distract any players at any time during games/practices.
  • Parents will remain in designated spectator areas throughout the duration of all games and practices.
  • Parents are to adhere and respect all facility rules and regulations.
  • Parents are expected to pick up and/or drop-off their child/player to practice and games at the time requested by the coach or manager and abide by all parking rules and regulations.
  • Parents are to refrain from any negative, abuse or derogatory commentary about/towards NJ Crush FC players, opponents, referees or spectators during or after game verbally, in writing or via the internet.
  • Parents will not use or possess alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or weapons while attending NJ Crush FC games or training sessions.
  • Parents will not engage in giving players any tactical instruction during games or practices. Any comments to players should be limited to encouragement and support.
  • Parents are not to voice issues concerning their child/player in front of other parents/players. Players are encouraged to talk to the coach as opposed to the Parents. Any players U11 or below can also be accompanied by a parent.  We ask that you wait to discuss any issues or concerns with the team manager and/or coach directly until after a 24 hour period after the issues arises is required before doing so. If this is unsuccessful, Parent should contact Managing Director to resolve the matter.
  • Parents receiving yellow or red cards from any league or tournament are responsible for the fines issued or suspension. Parents are responsible for paying this fine.