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National Premier Leagues

NJ Crush FC  - inclusion into the NPL, Mid-Atlantic Premier League.


ECNL Regional League

NJ Crush FC  - inclusion into the ECNL- R League.


NJ Crush FC | Elite Girls Soccer Club

dedicated to the development of
elite female student athletes.

Our club strives to develop a club model that is designed to attract and retain the very best coaches for all age groups, this is supported by the education that the club provides both inside and outside the club.

Crush programs

NJ Crush FC | Elite Girls Soccer Club

Teams & programs

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NJ crush team girls practicing at Bergen County, NJ

At NJ Crush FC our training goal is to develop players over many years to ensure we provide a stable platform at the elite level.  Not only do we provide a fast pace, professional learning experience but we also like to instill that true love of soccer that all players should have within our club.


Supplemental Training

We also offer supplemental training programs. One of those programs being the Lil Crushers. That is offered to 4-7 years of age. Information can be found below!

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With The Best In The Nation

At NJCRUSHFC we partner with some of the best leagues and programs in the nation. With our partnerships, we are able to maintain an unrivaled standard of excellence in coaching, competition, and regional and national showcase events throughout the year. 

Moses Sibal Jr.Moses Sibal Jr.
12:17 25 Apr 23
Many people chase soccer clubs names for wins and the league they play in. They forget the proper process. Focus should be on the child/player. NJ Crush focuses in developing the player on and off the field. Yes......its not always all about soccer. They are looking out for the best interest of the girls and not just for $$$ and wins. Their staff and personnel are always available to speak face to face. Other clubs and coaches we have dealt with dont have clear communication channels.
dJ & FeefsdJ & Feefs
22:05 06 Mar 23
Since my daughter has joined NJC, I have nothing but good things to say. Excellent program, excellent coaching staff and the girls best interest is always their top priority. They are taught the right way of playing the beautiful game vs the kick and run/tackle tactic. Also, there are plenty of opportunities presented to our girls so they can develop Leadership skills both on and off the field.
Net CablingNet Cabling
15:14 06 Mar 23
Where else can you go to have an all girls soccer club in NJ? We have been on a couple of clubs, where the girls program took a back seat to even younger boys in some cases. Good also that they have different teams to help in the development process....some kids develop at different ages. They have to be put on a team that will help them grow and not just a money grab. Being put on a high level team and your child is not even ready is not good for everybody involved. Kudos to their structure and vision.
# moodWear# moodWear
01:35 04 Mar 23
Really nice place for my daughter's soccer skill development. Focus is more on the development side rather than scoring or winning games. But ofcourse they have won plenty. Their team has played against some heavy hitters and the girls carry out with solid play. I dont ever feel that my daughter is stressed out going into and out of games because she knows that she goes into it to learn no matter the outcome. I think the prospects of growth of the club are excellent because of the dedication by staff and players.
This is New Jersey’s only female oriented soccer academy. My daughter plays on their 09 Academy team. Her coach and the club owner Lee is great! They just won the prestigious State Cup this year at the highest bracket of play. Development is their number one priority, tryouts for the fall are coming up in the next six weeks. My suggestion if you have a girl who already plays or wants to learn the game, this is the place to come in northern Bergen County. Again the focus is on girls, it’s not a mixed club. Our last club Cedar Stars only cares about the boys program, they could care less about the girls, paid top dollar for a coach with no experience still in college. The other great thing about Crush is they are always making changes to enhance the program and I hear this fall is going be the best ever! In addition to development, the coaches are great you’ll never hear a coach put your daughter down, criticize, ridicule, or embarrass in front of other girls. The coaches are approachable and are open with the parents as well. They have your child’s needs as their number one priority. It’s not a money grab you get what you pay for, there is great utility and value with what you receive. They don’t have their own facility yet but they practice on the best turf fields in the area. Thanksfor everything.
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