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If you're interested in one of our girls' soccer teams, don't wait to get signed up! Spots go fast, and we want your child to take full advantage of our exciting programs. The registration process is simple—just sign up via our easy-to-use online portal. The team is always here to answer your questions about registration and ensure the process goes smoothly. If you're in the Parsippany or Bergen County, NJ area, don't miss out on this opportunity!

Soccer Clubs for All Ages and Skill Levels


NJ Crush Elite Girls Soccer Club is proud to offer programs for diverse age ranges and skill sets. Whether your toddler is ready to start learning soccer for the first time or your tween is hoping to improve her technical training, we have something tailored to them. We strive to attract and retain top coaching talent so you can be sure your player is being taught by the best in the area.

Here to Answer Your Questions


We understand that participating in any activity is a big commitment for young children. Our team wants to ensure that you and your player have all your questions answered before beginning the registration process. We aim to be accessible to you to address any concerns. Check out our frequently asked questions or reach out to us for more information:

Are There Tryouts for This Soccer Club?

Our girls' soccer clubs require tryouts. After registration, you'll receive a tryout session time. Players should come dressed in appropriate soccer attire and bring shin guards, cleats, a ball, and plenty of water. We ask that players do not wear jewelry or watches during the tryout process. We notify prospective players of the results in April or May.

What Kinds of Programs Do You Offer?

The team at NJ Crush Elite Girls Soccer Club is proud to offer comprehensive soccer programs for athletes of all skill levels. On our calendar, you'll find everything from technical skills to mental and cognitive training. Explore the following programs available through our club:

●   Goalkeeper Training

●   Lil' Crushers

●   Summer & Winter Select

●   Winter Technical Training

●   Futsal

●   Elite Training Academy

●   Cognitive/Mental Skills Training

●   Heading Training

●   Summer Camps

What's the Level of Commitment?

Players registered with NJ Crush Elite Girls Soccer Club are expected to meet certain levels of commitment to the activity. Our younger players need only practice once or twice per week and will focus on confidence and the rules of the game. Everyone who applies will be accepted into this program. But as players progress through our programs, we expect higher levels of commitment. Those in our top group must have a passion for the game and a dedication to improving their athletic ability. Training in the upper groups occurs two or three times a week.

Where Will My Child Play?

We're fortunate to have the opportunity to play on fields in the Bergen County, NJ area. Many of these stadiums have turf fields and lots of seating for spectators. We play in Mahwah, Montclair, Hawthorne, Paramus, Saddle River, Waldwick, and even a few locations in Rockland County, New York.

How Can Parents Get Involved?

Parents can support their daughters in lots of ways. First and foremost, parents can encourage their players to comply with club policies and exhibit proper behavior and sportsmanship. Parents can also support their athlete by encouraging good nutrition and promoting mental health at home. If you'd like to publicly show your support for NJ Crush Elite Girls Soccer Club, you can always purchase gear through our Fanzone!

Get in Touch With NJ Crush Elite Girls Soccer Club for Details


Registering for a top-tier girls' soccer program is a big step in your child's athletic career. The team at NJ Crush Elite Girls Soccer Club is proud to have so many players trust us with their growth as elite athletes. If you're interested in any of our programs, be sure to contact us with questions or start the sign-up process today.