How to Choose a Soccer Club

Girls soccer teams compete and NJ Crush Elite Girls Soccer Club Shows how to choose a soccer club in Bergen and Essex Counties in NJSo, your child is getting excited about soccer. Maybe they played during gym class at school, or perhaps they’ve been watching games on TV. No matter what sparked your child’s interest, club soccer is a great way to cultivate that passion and promote confidence. At NJ Crush Elite Girls Soccer Club, we’re excited to provide lots of girls’ soccer opportunities in Bergen County, Essex County and Cedar Grove, NJ. We’re well-versed in the many benefits of playing sports and love sharing our passion with children and teenagers. Find out some strategies for choosing a soccer club your child will love.

Do Your Research!

First and foremost, it’s important to do your research into local girls’ soccer teams. Depending on where you live, you may have several options to choose from. Before picking the closest tryout and registering, we highly recommend looking into each team beyond the surface level. Doing your research now will help ensure you’re choosing a club soccer team your athlete will love. It also gives you an idea of what to expect once your child is placed on a team.

Know What to Look for

We realize that many parents are busy with work and family obligations and may not know how to streamline the research process. Luckily, there are several things you can focus on as you choose the best soccer club for your budding athlete. We suggest making a list of local girl’s club soccer organizations and finding the following information for each program:

Coaching Staff

Excellent coaching staff is crucial to any soccer league. After all, the strength and track record of each program is greatly influenced by who is teaching basic and advanced skills. Ask these questions when investigating a team’s coaching staff:

  • Are coaches licensed?
  • Do they have past teaching experience?
  • Do coaches have a professional track record?
  • What kinds of specialized training can each coach provide?
  • Are the coaches/directors of coaching easy to communicate with?

Mission and Vision Statements

Another easier way to evaluate a girls’ soccer club is by using its mission and vision statements, as well as its stated objectives. A good mission statement will show you what a program values and how it plans to uphold its standards. For comparison, NJ Crush Elite Girls Soccer Club’s mission statement includes the following idea:

“Our club strives to develop a club model that is designed to attract and retain the very best coaches for all age groups, this is supported by the education that the club provides both inside and outside the club. The goal of these coaches is to offer both a consistent platform of excellence at an elite level and also a platform for players who simply wish to improve within a team setting.”

The Organization’s Reputation

Next, we recommend doing some digging into the organization’s reputation. How is the club regarded in the community? Does it have a reputation for professionalism and sportsmanship? Do its actions align with what’s stated in the mission statement? Look online for reviews, and consider attending a game for yourself. This process should give you an idea of the organization’s ethical standards and standing within the athletic community. If a soccer team seems to value filling spots and winning at all costs over player retention and education, you may want to look elsewhere.

Level of Commitment

Be sure to check out the expected level of commitment before registering your athlete for a girls’ soccer club. Some organizations only expect players to practice one day a week, while other elite training programs require a much higher degree of commitment. At NJ Crush Elite Girls Soccer Club, we ask our most advanced players to practice at least three times a week. Make sure you know what’s expected of your athlete before attending tryouts.

Age Groups

Do some searching on each potential club’s website to learn which age groups it serves. Some clubs may focus on ultra-beginners, while others might only recruit advanced teenage players. Bergen County, Essex County and Cedar Grove, NJ residents looking for an organization that accommodates all ages should consider NJ Crush Elite Girls Soccer Club. We offer programs for children as young as five and as old as 18. Ask us about these elite teams:

  • Lil’ Crushers
  • Player Pool
  • National White
  • National
  • Academy
  • EDP
  • ECNL – R


Make note of how big the organization is. Bigger isn’t always better, depending on your preferences and your child’s soccer goals. A larger club will have numerous benefits, including more resources, more friendship opportunities, and a bigger coaching staff. But you shouldn’t immediately discount smaller organizations! Small clubs boast a more personalized approach to training and tend to have a stronger sense of community.

Additional Resources

Look into what resources each club provides for its players. Many organizations hold supplemental training sessions going into the winter, and others offer access to one-on-one coaching. Outstanding player resources are a priority for NJ Crush Elite Girls Soccer Club. During the on and off-season, we make the following programs accessible to our athletes:

Parent Involvement

Are you as excited about soccer as your child? If you’re ready to get out in the stands and cheer on your team, it never hurts to check out parent involvement at each organization. Make note of parent volunteer positions, team merchandise, and other ways to show your support!

H3: Compare Your Top Choices

Once you’ve gathered all the relevant information, it’s time to compare all your top choices. Create a list of must-haves—this could be quality coaching or year-round training, for example—and eliminate any options that don’t meet those needs. From there, look at the remaining clubs and decide which one checks the most boxes. It may be helpful to make a spreadsheet, contact past members, or reach out to the current coaching staff. When you’re ready to join, take steps to attend a local tryout.

H3: Contact Us for More Information

Choosing the right soccer club for your athlete doesn’t have to be a headache. At NJ Crush Elite Girls Soccer Club, we strive to offer all the resources to train players into elite athletes. Our girls’ soccer teams are made for all ages and skill levels, and we welcome prospective players to register for a tryout. Contact our friendly staff today to learn more about opportunities with our girls’ soccer club.